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    Funding advice and support

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    HEPTech is made up of major research institutions active in particle, astroparticle and nuclear physics. It has a membership of 23 institutions across 16 countries, including most of the CERN member states.



    ACCELERATE is a Horizon 2020 project, supporting the long-term sustainability of large scale research infrastructures (RIs) through the development of policies and legal...


Case Studies

We make things happen. ESP staff are business literate scientists and engineers, and are skilled at translating between technology needs and requirements; usually reaching out to end-users and problem-owners to connect them with the people who know how to solve the problems that they face.

Plastic Electronics Goes Gaga!

Photonics and printed electronics are not just used in the devices and applications that we usually consider. Grabbing the attention of media stars such as Lady Gaga and Alison Goldfrapp, Amy Winters launched her fashion Label, “ Rainbow Winters” in September 2010, using science and technology to create visually stunning high fashion garments.

Garments are custom made for concerts, festivals, media and music videos or occasions where the ‘wow’ factor is required. Amy fuses and integrates technologies, such as electroluminescent wire and panels, fibre optics, leds, holographs, sensors, microcontrollers and reactive functional inks into high fashion garments. Collections from her label, ‘Rainbow Winters’, include water, sun, sound and light reactive dresses that create a touch-sense-sound multisensory experience.

Amy started networking at KTN events back in 2008, building up contacts and knowledge of the supply chain she needed to tap in to, which enabled her to engage in projects funded by the Technology Strategy Board and co-sponsored by Marl International, Luminex and Surelight.

With a number of landmark events including, January 2008 a catwalk show for, “ Lighwave” Dublin’s first Science Gallery and the House of Lords exhibition in 2010, “ Made in Future UK”. Amy’s work pushes the boundaries of high fashion, exploiting experimental interaction design and technology at the cutting edge. Amy’s one wish when asked, was for better, smaller, lighter, flexible batteries to enable even more incredible creations. Her dresses are now stocked and sold in stores around the world