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  • Funding advice and support

    Funding advice and support

    Providing advice and support on applying for grants and funding.

  • HEPTech


    HEPTech is made up of major research institutions active in particle, astroparticle and nuclear physics. It has a membership of 23 institutions across 16 countries, including most of the CERN member states.



    ACCELERATE is a Horizon 2020 project, supporting the long-term sustainability of large scale research infrastructures (RIs) through the development of policies and legal...

  • Action To Support Photonic Innovation Clusters In Europe

    Action To Support Photonic Innovation Clusters In Europe

    ASPICE promotes international cooperation among Photonic Clusters throughout Europe, strengthening the European economy and addressing societal challenges…

  • Energy Harvesting Special Interest Group

    Energy Harvesting Special Interest Group

    Energy Harvesting is a means of powering electronic devices by ‘scavenging’ energy sources such as environmental vibrations, human power, thermal gradients, or pressure gradients…

  • Internet Of Things Special Interest Group

    Internet Of Things Special Interest Group

    The Internet of Things Special Interest Group aims to provide a forum for the promotion of business ideas and opportunities on the Internet of Things…


Case Studies

We make things happen. ESP staff are business literate scientists and engineers, and are skilled at translating between technology needs and requirements; usually reaching out to end-users and problem-owners to connect them with the people who know how to solve the problems that they face.

ESP KTN Guide raises profile of UK bio-sensing companies

In March 2011, ESP KTN published a guide to UK companies involved in biosensors and bio-sensing. This guide, which is freely available via _connect, provides information on 86 UK companies involved in research, design, development and manufacture of biosensors and bio-sensing devices, instruments and systems – including providers of specialised technical services for this area. Its purpose is to help organisations looking for UK companies with particular skills, products, technologies and capabilities in this field more easily identify such companies, helping them to initiate activities such as exploiting intellectual property, getting access to specialised skills or facilities and finding partners for commercial ventures or technical collaborations.

In the first 6 weeks since publication the guide was supplied on request to 65 organisations.